The Mangrove Chapter serves Charlotte County and southeastern Sarasota County.

Chapter contact:
    Phone: 941-769-3633
    E-mail: fnpsmangrovechapter@yahoo.com




 As a local chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, serving Charlotte County and the southwest portion of Sarasota County, we achieve many of our goals through public outreach education, so our meetings, field trips and special events are open to all who wish to participate. Whether year-round or seasonal residents, our members share a passion for the state’s beauty, as exemplified by Florida’s native plants and diverse habitats, as well as the wildlife these plants and habitats support.

If you attend our meetings, you will hear educational presentations by local experts on a range of topics, such as rare species, native plant communities, protection needs, state and local conservation programs, and native plant landscaping.

Come along on our field trips and get to know your local plants and their communities and how our wildlife depends on them for food, shelter, and nesting. Attend our plant sales and acquire various landscape specimens without damaging their natural environments.

Come to our annual outreach event and learn how native plants in your landscape will save on water consumption, as well as reduce or eliminate the use of fertilizer and pesticides. You will learn how to plant the right plant in the right place and it will flourish without a great deal of care. If you are a seasonal resident, you will find that native plants better survive your absence in the summer months.

When you include Florida native plants in your landscape, you celebrate the unique natural beauty of the “Real Florida”. Please join our efforts and mission to preserve, conserve and restore these native plants and their communities and help us all to bring nature closer to home.

Current Month’s Activities


MEETINGS:  6:15PM--Social Time, 6:45PM--Business Meeting,  7:00PM--Speaker's Presentation

                      All meetings are free and open to the public



FEBRUARY 14, 2017,   LEMON BAY PARK, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood,  TOPIC:  "A Walk....." by Denny Girard and Al Squires.  This is another episode of "The Denny and Al Show."  Be prepared to be informed and sometimes amused by another of their "Botanical Adventures."


MARCH 14, 2017, LEMON BAY PARK, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood, TOPIC:  "Preserving Wild Florida," by Mary  Lundeberg.


Ms Lundberg is a local conservation potographer and writer.Her specialty is wildlife, which requires stillness, patience, and a passion for understanding animals.  What she sees through the camera lens creates an appreciation for beauty and fragility of our water ecosystems.



APRIL 11, 2017, LEMON BAY PARK, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood, TOPIC:  "Curb Appeal of Wildflowers," by Thomas Becker of the Charlotte Co Extension Office.


MAY 9, 2017, LEMON BAY PARK, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood, 6:00PM,  Annual Meeting and Election of Officers, and Potluck & Silent Auction.  This last meeting  of the year serves as a farewell to our snowbird members as well as the election of officers for the upcoming year.  Please bring a covered dish to share, and your own place setting.  You may also bring items to share at our silent auction.




FIELD TRIPS:  All field trips begin at 9AM, unless otherwise stated.  All field trips are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

FURTHER INFORMATION:  For all field trips, call Al Squires at 941-769-3633, or email him at ahsquires@embarqmail.com

FEBRUARY 25, 2017, CALOOSAHATCHEE REGIONAL PARK, 19130 N River Rd (SR 78), Alva, FL 33920,  Parking Lot #2         

Caloosahatchee Regional Park is 770 acres large, owned by SWFMD and leased and managed by Lee Co Parks.  The habitat is made up of pine flatwoods, scrub oak, cypress swamps and oak hammocks with several trails winding through them.  The parking fee is $1/hour or $5/day.

DIRECTIONS:  From Englewood, take SR 776 and Veterans Blvd to the King's Highway entrance to I-75.  Take I-75 South for approximately 38.3 miles to Exit 143(E Bayshore Rd.)  Turn left onto SR 78(E Bayshore Rd), drive approximately 3.3 miles to SR 31/SR 78.  Turn left onto SR 31N, go 1.3 miles to SR 78E(N River Rd.), turn right and proceed 7.1 miles to the main entrance.  Turn right and drive to the parking lot.

MARCH 25, 2017,  MYAKKA STATE FOREST, 2000 S River Rd, Englewood, FL 34223

APRIL 29, 2017,  SHAMROCK PARK, 3900 Shamrock Dr, Venice, FL 34293

MAY 27, 2017,  DON PEDRO STATE PARK-LANDSIDE, 8450 Placida Rd, Placida, FL 33946

PLEASE LOOK for Plant Lists from some of our previous Field Trips under the NEWSLETTER heading.



MARCH 11,2017, 14th ANNUAL "PLANT NATIVE DAY", Cedar Point Park, 2300 Placida Rd, Englewood, FL 34224, HOURS:  9:30AM-1:00PM   This year's theme is "Fire Wise Landscaping."  There will be lectures, nature walks, and native plants for sale. 

The day's events are  as follows:

9:00AM:  Plant Sales begin and will continue throughout the day.

9:15AM - Noon:  Peace River Butterfly Society give butterfly-raising demonstrations, and will have supplies for the butterfly enthusiast.

9:30AM:  Greetings and announcements begin in the building.  Mangrove Chapter and CHEC displays and literature as well as handouts are available.  There are books for sale, and refreshments will be served.

10:00AM:  "Forget the Foundation Plants-Landscape with Fire in Mind"  Speaker: Laurel Schiller, Florida Native Plants, Inc

11:00AM:  "Establishing a Defensible Zone Around Your Home"  Speaker:  Richard Christman, Forest Area Supervisor, Myakka State Forest

NOON - 1PM:  Tour the native demonstration garden or take a guided walk through the park.

FURTHER INFORMATION:  Call Cedar Point Environmental Park at 941-475-0769.  To reach a Mangrve Chapter Board Member, call 941-697-2756

MAY 17-21, 2017,   ANNUAL STATE CONFERENCE of FLORIDA NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY,  Visit www.fnps.org, or call 321-271-6702 for further information.

Contact Us


Mangrove Chapter, FNPS

P.O. Box 1153

Englewood, FL 34295-1153

Email: fnpsmangrovechapter@yahoo.com 






Our Membership Meetings, which are open to the public, are held on the second Tuesday of the Month, October through May. We start with an “open door” social, serving a light refreshment from 6:15 to 6:45 PM. This is followed by a brief business meeting from 6:45 to 7:00 PM, and the Speaker Program begins at 7:00 PM (approximately 40 minutes). After the guest speaker has answered questions, a plant raffle is held, which features an assortment of native plants provided by the members. 


Please refer to the Calendar tab for a list of the season’s meetings, speaker programs, dates and times. (Our December and May meetings are membership pot luck dinners, with no speaker.  The May meeting includes our annual election of officers for the forthcoming season).


Meeting Location:  Lemon Bay Park, 570 Bay Park Blvd., Englewood, Florida 


Board Meetings: Our Board of Directors meets on the first Friday of each month, 2:30 PM, at Cedar Point Environmental Park, 2300 Placida Road, Englewood, Florida. All members are welcome to attend. The Board also meets throughout the summer months.



Board of Directors/Officers


President: Lois Cantwell, birderlois@hotmail.com, 941-697-2756 

Immediate Past-President:  Al Squires, ahsquires@embarqmail.com, 941-769-3633

Vice President:  David Delgado, ddelgadousaid@gmail.com, 863-558-5058

Secretary:  Marianne Owen, gopher36@comcast.net, 941-474-1118

Asst Secretary:  Bobbi Rodgers, rodgersbobbi2@comcast.net, 941-475-0769

Treasurer:  Linda Wilson, ljayewilson@juno.com, 941-475-7210

Chapter Representative:  Al Squires, ahsquires@embarqmail.com, 941-769-3633



Committee Chairs


Publicity: Carolyn Gregsak, cgresak@gmail.com, 603-924-8689

Newsletter: Jim Thomson, jimthomson4@comcast.net, 941-830-0737

Website: Barb Seibel, leftyb3@comcast.net, 941-475-0364

Programs: Carolyn Gregsak, cgregsak@gmail.com, 603-924-8689

Field Trips: Denny Girard, dennyg29@msn.com, 941-474-1492

Membership: Linda Wilson, ljayewilson@juno.com, 941-475-7210

Hospitality: Denny Girard, dennyg29@msn.com, 941-474-1492

Historian: Linda Wilson, ljayewilson@juno.com, 941-475-7210

Conservation/Education: Bobbi Rodgers, rodgersbobbi2@comcast.net, 941-475-0769

Chapter Garden: Gail Finney, migafinn@gmail.com, 913-424-3027 


Field Trips


On the last Saturday of the month, except when preempted by special events, we gather at 9 AM at a designated location for a slow stroll along local trails to identify and observe native plants in their natural environment. These walks are open to the public so that we may use this opportunity for educating folks about the value of natives to the home landscape and the environment. Please refer to the Calendar tab for a list of the season’s field trips, dates and times. A list of “summer walks” is made available near the end of May. 


Special Events


Our Chapter focuses on three events during the fall, winter, and spring season:

   The Annual Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival is usually held the Saturday before Thanksgiving, at the Charlotte Sports Park, Port Charlotte. Visit www.chnep.org or call 866-835-5785 for more information.

   Our annual “Plant Native” Day, a public outreach program, features lectures, walks and plant sales, and is held on the second Saturday in March. It is held at Cedar Point Environmental Park, 2300 Placida Road, Englewood, Florida from 9 AM to 1:00 PM. Details will appear on this website as the event approaches.

   The Florida Native Plant Society Annual State Conference is held near the third week in May, rotating to different cities and co-sponsored by a local FNPS Chapter. Visit the Society website www.fnps.org for more information.




Published on  13.02.2017