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Mangrove Chapter Meeting - Tue Apr 11 - Insect Photography

Tuesday, April 11th, 1:00-3:00 PM The Mangrove Chapter of the FL Native Plant Society will host Insect Photography an educational program presented by Florida Master Naturalist Captain Josh Olive at Lemon Bay Park & Environmental Center, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood.  Plants attract insects with many different lifestyles - including pollinators, sap suckers, leaf eaters, and predators.  All of these insects are fascinating and even beautiful in an alien way.  Josh will discuss methods for approaching, photographing, and identifying these wonderful creatures.  Meet at the Environmental Center Classroom.  For information email

Mangrove Chapter Walk - Sun April 2 - Myakka State Forest

Sunday, April 2nd, 9:00-11:00 AM Join Anne Risberg from the Mangrove Chapter of the FL Native Plant Society and the Lemon Bay Conservancy for a nature walk at Myakka State Forest, Main Entrance, 2555 South River Road, Englewood.  Take a walk on the 1.5 mile Gordon Smith Trail to discover native plants in Spring bloom. Depending on conditions, about 80 native flatwood and wetland plants may be seen on this trail.  Meet in the parking lot. There is a $2 entry fee.  Bring cash to the parking area if you do not intend to pay online. 

Mangrove Chapter Walk - Mar 19 - Tippecanoe I Environmental Park

Nature Walk at Tippecanoe 1 Environmental Park Sunday March 19, 2023, 9-11 am.  Meet your guide Bill Dunson at the entry arch behind the Charlotte baseball park at 2300 El Jobean Rd (rt 776; 33948).  We will hike about 1 mile on sandy trails across fresh and brackish water wetlands, pine flatwoods and coastal scrubby flatwoods.  No reservations required.  No dogs, smoking or vaping allowed.   Waiver signature required..  For further information contact  Sponsored by Mangrove Chapter of the FL Native Plant Society and Lemon Bay Conservancy. 

Mangrove Chapter Meeting - Mar 14 - Promoting Bees Through Knowledge

Tuesday, March 14th, 1:00-3:00 PM The Mangrove Chapter of the Native Plant Society will host Promoting Bees Through Knowledge an educational program presented by Christy Linke at Lemon Bay Park & Environmental Center, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood.  Meet at the Environmental Center.  Christy loves the world of bees and is the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Bees Chair.  She has been speaking about bees for 9 years.  Come learn the difference between honey bees and native bees and the benefit of both. For information email

Mangrove Chapter Walk - Mon Mar 13 - Broadmoor Park

Monday, March 13th, 9:00am-11:00am - Broadmoor Park is a converted golf course in Rotonda West; comprising 26 acres including 12 lakes of varying size..It is located at 646 Rotonda Cir, Rotonda West, FL 33947. [MAP] In 2014, the Rotonda West Association obtained the park and various efforts have been made to make the park wildlife friendly. The park is an iNaturalist project, an e-bird hotspot, and has had intermittent littoral zone faunal surveys led by Bill Dunson. The walk on March 13th will focus on bird identification, insect (especially butterfly) identification, and plant identification, native and non-native.

You are required to sign a liability waiver.  No dogs or smoking/vaping allowed.  For additional information email Bill Dunson at

CANCELLED - Mangrove Chapter Sunset Stroll - Wed Mar 15 - Venice Urban Forest

Wednesday, March 15, 4:30-5:30 PM J


Join Dave and Linda Manley from the Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society for a Sunset Stroll at the Venice Urban Forest, 308 E. Venice Ave, Venice. This strip of restored habitat runs beside the Legacy Trail.  Features include a butterfly garden and natural shelters for wildlife.  Turn left at the underpass by the train depot and meet in the grassy parking lot. This park has no restroom facilities. MAP For information email

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