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CHNEP 2023 Watershed Summit

Report from Dave Manley on the Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) 2023 Watershed Summit. Here is a link to presentations by all of the panelists. Panel Recordings and PowerPoint Presentations

Jerry Markussen and I attended the summit June 21 & 22 2023. I attended the morning sessions and Jerry attended all day. The summit speakers shared a wide variety of topics, but a few stood out for me:

Matthew Bunting discussed the conditions under which tarpon emigrate from their nursery ponds (such as those at Lemon Creek Wildflower Preserve) to the tidal waters of the coast. Dr. Chris Anastasiou shared his “hangover effect” detailing how Hurricane Irma set in motion a succession of events that caused a drastic loss of seagrass on the east wall of Charlotte Harbor. Teresa VanderWaag shared information about a project to restore Alligator Creek in Venice. The Alligator Creek Basin is approximately 11 square miles in size and has been severely channelized in the past. This stream will be restored in a fish-friendly manner. The design phase is wrapping up and financing is in place for (re)construction to begin in 2024.

Read the full report here

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