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Mangrove Chapter Planting Day - Dec 6 - Lemon Bay Park

Before the hurricane, Friends of Lemon Bay Park had purchased over 70 native plants to enhance the gardens at the park. The plan had been to have a blitz day when employees from throughout Sarasota County would plant all the plants. Hurricane Ian changed all that as employees were deployed to repair damage to all the Sarasota County parks.

Mangrove Chapter has volunteered to step in and plant these native plants. Planting Day will be Tuesday, December 6, from 9:00 AM until we finish. If you’d like to help but are not able to dig holes, you can help with watering, carrying tools, and other lighter tasks. If you can help for only an hour or two, that’s fine. Every pair of hands helps get the plants in the ground. 

We hope to get everything planted in one day. Nathalie Smith, Park Manager at Lemon Bay, will furnish coffee and treats, and Mangrove Chapter will provide sub sandwiches for lunch.Please wear closed shoes and bring plenty of water. A hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent are recommended. Please bring your own gloves and tools if you have them: shovels, trowels, watering cans, and so on.

If you can help, please let us know at . This is just to help us determine how much equipment we will need—and how many sandwiches. You can come even if you didn’t email first, and if you are unable to come after emailing, it’s OK.

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