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Mangrove Chapter, FNPS grant support the planting of Florida Native Plants. Funds are available to create a public wildlife garden, to rehabilitate or enhance an existing garden, to replace invasive, exotic species with Florida native plants, to enhance a clubhouse, business, or non-profit entryway with Florida native plants, to plant native habitat around retention ponds, to add native plants to preservation areas, and/or for any educational planting. Grants are limited to $500 per grant request.

To apply for a grant download the grant application document -  [Word (.docx) or PDF].  Complete, and either attach to an email to OR mail the printed form to:

MCFNPS Grant Committee
PO Box 1153
Englewood, FL 34295 – 1153

Questions? Submit a question here:  Contact

To receive this award the following conditions must be met. Check to show that you agree:

  • Planting shall be in a public space or, in the case of Gated Communities or other areas with restricted access, in a “common” space open to that community. No private yards will be supported. Grant shall not be limited to gardens alone but will include public areas being reclaimed or rehabilitated.

  • Permission must be obtained from the owners of the area where the planting is planned.

  • Any Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC) listed invasive, exotic plants in the planting area shall be removed. No plants on the current FLEPPC list of invasive, exotic plant species shall be planted. See for list.

  • Plans for the planting area must be submitted to the Mangrove Chapter, FNPS Grant Committee.

  • A site visit shall be a part of the grant consideration process

  • No commercial pesticides shall be used in the garden. Natural remedies, such as soap suds are allowed.

  • No commercial fertilizers shall be used in the garden. Natural products, such as manure, Black Cow, compost decayed vegetative matter are acceptable.

  • No mulch products made from cypress, colored recycled wood waste (red mulch), or recycled tire tread material shall be used. Melaleuca or Eucalyptus mulch, pine needles, leaves or decaying vegetative matter are excellent mulches.

  • Plantings shall be tended on a regular basis and the plan to have the garden maintained during the summer months must be submitted with the application.

  • Plantings shall be watered at planting, and as needed to establish. Following that, water must be used sparingly to be “water-wise”.

  • The Garden shall be protected from mowing and foot traffic.

  • Grant recipients are required to submit a short “before and after” report, with
    photographs, by email to the Grant Committee before the grant is awarded.
    Evidence must be presented as to how the planting was maintained over the
    summer months. This email report will be reprinted in the Chapter Newsletter
    and may be posted on the Chapter Website.

  • Plantings shall receive a sign that funding for the purchase of plants was provided by the Mangrove Chapter, FNPS. This sign must be posted in a readily visual area at the planting location.

Payment must be made by check after the submission of a paid invoice/receipt for the purchase of plants which must be itemized by plant species (and size). Purchases will be reviewed by grant committee & only native plant species will be reimbursed.

Mail completed application to:

MCFNPS Grant Committee
PO Box 1153
Englewood, FL 34295 – 1153

Or Attach the application and email to

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