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NEW: Due to plant loss from Hurricane Ian, the Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society is pleased to announce a change to the Landscape Grant which was created to enhance or replace gardens within our Chapter boundaries (Englewood, Venice, North Port, Pt Charlotte) with Florida native plants. Two grants are available: one for private homeowners, and one for public clubhouses, businesses, or non-profit entryways. Grants are limited to up to $100 for private homes, $500 for public, per grant request. The private grant is available for this grant cycle only.

The Mangrove Chapter, FNPS grants support the planting of Florida native plants. Funds of up to a maximum of $500 are available for the following purposes:

  • To create a public wildlife garden (or private garden - this season only)
  • To reclaim, rehabilitate, or enhance an existing garden
  • To replace invasive exotic species with Florida native plants
  • To enhance a clubhouse, business, or nonprofit entryway with Florida native plants
  • To plant native plants to create native habitat around retention ponds
  • To add native plants to preservation areas
  • For education about native plants

The grant cycle is from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. Applications should be received by the last day of April, although waivers of this date may be given for extenuating circumstances, with approval of the Mangrove Chapter Board. All work including planting, invoice submission, and the final report must be completed by September 30, the end of the grant cycle.

Grants may be provided for projects already containing non-native plants, except plants listed as invasive and/or exotic by the Florida Invasive Species Council (FISC). However, grant funds may be used only for the purchase of Florida native plants.

To apply for a grant, download the grant application as a [Word (.docx) or PDF] document. Complete and sign the application and prepare a sketch or diagram of the planting area. Photographs are welcome but not required. Attach the completed application and sketch to an email and send to or mail them to:

MCFNPS Grant Committee
PO Box 1153
Englewood, FL 34295-1153

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